CAS Communications

CAS Communications (CAS CMS) is a corporate communications vehicle that is a subsidiary of and supports Consolidated Africa Services, a Zimbabwean registered business entity specifically designed to actively create, invest in and manage operations in logistics, property, mining, tourism, agriculture and other sectors ranging across the full industrial spectrum in Zimbabwe. 

CAS CMS offers a broad but focused set of specialized services, in a range designed to provide the best integrated communications solutions both for the parent company CAS, and our external clients in the Third parties, Corporate and Government arenas.



Our aim is providing leading edge communication solutions to third parties, corporates and governments both within and without the areas of Consolidated Africa Services – CAS & Broadhaven Holdings (BHH) operations. 



The Product/Service:



We offer a stable of communication platforms intrinsically geared towards generating clients and business for CAS & CMS, and geared towards economically uplifting the markets within which we operate, and the clients we provide our communication solutions to. Our service is underpinned by the 3Cs philosophy we firmly believe in which guides that everything we do must be good for the Country, the Communities within which we interact, and the Company. This complements our first two years of the next ten approach that sets us apart from the old way of doing business and adopting modern, innovative and sustainable ways of operating.

The Value Proposition: 


We offer unique corporate communication solutions that save our clients time and money and help them make the right moves in doing business in Zimbabwe and Africa.

Our Communications Platforms

ZIMDABA Investment Conferencing

Zimdaba is an annual Zimbabwe focused investment conference held in the city of London.
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The Round Table Series

The Round Table (RT) series is a sequence of conferences focused on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) designed to help young entrepreneurs identify business opportunities and develop responsible...
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Walk 4 Life

W4Life is a global communications event hosted by CAS Communications happening Zimbabwe and Zambia whose aim is to communicate the link between mental health and conservation.
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Harare Wellness Festival

The Wellness Festivals are communication events that seek to promote good health and wellness with a special focus on mental health through sport and music.
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Zimbabwe Investment Portfolio Magazine (ZIP)

The ZIP magazine is a consolidated, compressed and comprehensive publication that provides information to its readers on investment opportunities in Zimbabwe and how interested parties can tap into them. It was launched in April 2019
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