W4Life Trilogy of Events

“A bloke around a lake, let’s make noise about it”

The W4Life trilogy, is a series of global communication and endurance events that promote the link between mental health and conservation. Under this trilogy, there is the Walk4life, Waves4life and the Wind4Life. Each of these events will be run by the CAS founders who will each participate in a trailblazing feat the first being the Walk4Life.

Walk 4 Life is the first in a trilogy of endurance feats (W4Lifes) involving Africa and is to be conducted by the founders of Consolidated Africa Services (CAS). Nick Holme, co-founder and CEO of CAS (UK), born and raised in Zimbabwe, is going to realize his long-held ambition to walk around Lake Kariba. The lake’s massive renewable energy hydro scheme was created by damming the impressive Zambezi River situated on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.


Circumnavigating Lake Kariba on foot has never before been attempted in one go.

Walk4Life has four goals, which fall under the umbrella of EDUCATION. In an effort to educate the world about some of the challenges we face, Walk4Life, itself a feat of mental and physical resilience, around another feat of human endeavor, Lake Kariba, is shining the spotlight on:

1) Mental Health – including PTSD, drug and alcohol addiction and how nature can help the healing process

2) Conservation – of our flora and fauna, including the work done by the brave men and women on anti-poaching operations in Africa

3) Renewable Energy – and how Africa is ideally suited for solar, wind, hydro and geothermal energy generation

4) Endeavour – Showing people that good, old fashioned endeavour is still alive and available to all who really want to succeed at something

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